Brick Oven Style Pizza Kit

Create crispy pizza, calzones, focaccia bread, quesadillas, and so much more right in the Bravo XL or in any conventional ovens. The 11.5-inch brick oven style pizza stone is heat rated up to a whopping 1,112°F. Simply place this stone in your oven while it preheats. Once the oven and stone are hot, you can place your pizza right on the stone for a deliciously even baked crust. Then when you're ready to eat, the 10-inch pizza peel makes it easy to transfer from oven to table and the dual pizza cutter and server makes it quick and easy to slice and serve.

$39.95 + P&H



Silicone Baking Kit

Now, baking is fun and easy thanks to the Silicone Bakeware Set! The Set comes with everything you need to prepare your favorite baked goods without a messy cleanup. Made from reusable, dishwasher-safe silicone, this kit is incredibly versatile and oven-safe up to 500°F, so you can use them in your Bravo XL, as well as a conventional oven. The Baking Pan also includes and divider insert so you can bake two delicious dishes at the same time!

$24.99 + P&H


Out of Stock

15-piece Multipurpose Chef's Kit

Get the most out of your NuWave Bravo XL with this incredibly versatile multipurpose Chef's Kit. Bake scrumptious cookies with ease, roast delectable meats, create delicious desserts and even dehydrate fruits and veggies with these incredibly convenient accessories.

$119.97 + P&H



Pull Out Crumb Tray

This tray slides into the bottom of the Bravo XL to collect any crumbs, grease or oil that may drip down while you cook. The tray slides out effortlessly for easy cleaning when you're done cooking.

$14.95 + P&H



Digital Temperature Probe

When plugged into the Bravo XL unit, this digital probe measures the internal temperature of your food as you cook. You can set the Bravo XL to shut off once the food reaches a specific temperature so you never overcook or under-cook your food again.

$9.95 + P&H



Heavy Duty Cooking Racks

These racks easily slide into one of the four slot positions inside the Bravo XL, making it incredibly easy to make room for whatever you plan on cooking. Every order comes with two racks.

$22.95 + P&H


Out of Stock

Enamel Baking Pan and Broiler Rack

The easy-to-clean pan and rack are ideal for baking delicious meals and desserts or roasting and broiling meats the whole family can enjoy.

$24.95 + P&H



Air Fry Basket

The meshed design of this basket allows air to circulate on all sides for a perfect, even crisp.

$9.95 + P&H



Light Bulb

Keep the inside of the Bravo XL illuminated so you can easily see your food as it cooks.

$6.95 + P&H



Light Bulb Cover

Protect the light bulb from heat and food debris and ensure your light bulb will last as long as possible.

$6.95 + P&H



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